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Originally Posted by Human View Post
it seems we're in agreement then...

on a more serious note, that is BS. you don't win championships on the regular season when the Hart is awarded. also every team relies on 2-3 players more than on the others, every team dresses up a full team for the playoffs, not only the Wings. this is just an excuse used by their fans for the lack of indiviual regular season trophies in a while. on the other hand they keep pointing out at Fedorov having one of the best seasons ever in his Hart season, though it wasn't "their system or style to rely on 2 or 3 players to carry them to championships" back then either...
Yeah notice Fedorov won the Hart before the Wings started winning championships....

And of course you don't win championships in the regular season, what does that have to do with anything? The Wings do rely on Datsyuk, but not as much as other teams rely on their superstars. The Wings have been about offensive depth and spreading scoring throughout the lineup for a long time, and that should be quite obvious. There's a reason Datsyuk plays 3-4 minutes less than other stars like Malkin and Ovechkin, and it ain't because he isn't physically able to. Datsyuk is one of the most fit and hard-working players in the league. That's also why the Wings don't overpay for players. Datsyuk earns 6.7 million a season. You'd be insane to think he couldn't get far more than that on the open market, but he sacrified money so the Wings could have depth. Lidstrom made about 7 million a season. Could have easily got Ovechkin money if he really wanted to...

Not to mention, there's a strong bias towards players that score a ton of points to win the Hart. Wings have also had a strong focus on 2-way hockey for the past couple decades, which definitely limits a players points potential when he actually has to be defensively responsible, unlike Ovechkin and Malkin.

So yeah, team depth and 2-way hockey has made it very hard for a Wings player to win a Hart recently. Don't really have a problem with it though, as the definition of the Hart is "Most Valuable Player," so teams that rely on one player a lot would make that player extremely valuable to them. And I've been fine with the Wings sacrificing Harts for Cups anyways...

You don't think it's at all odd that the most successfull team of the past two decades only has one Hart winner, and that was before they really started to be successfull? It's biased towards unbalanced teams, or at least it has been since the lockout imo...

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