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Originally Posted by sky04 View Post
So what Toews tries his best and gives the puck up less than Stamkos, your logic apply there too?

Malkin is easily better then Kovalchuk, as long as you're not a blind. Ever watch the 09' playoffs? ever seen Kovalchuk play that good? nope.

Sure he has great stick handling at high speeds, to bad he also gives up the puck TONS of times too, I've seen Malkin makes plenty of highlight reels better then that Kovy play.

You act like Kovalchuk is perfect, and overrate him beyond relief. Malkin outscored him by almost 30 points with worst line mates in less games.
Kovalchuk put up like 35 goals on New Jersey. That's like 50 goals on an offensive team like pittsburgh. Malkin wouldn't break 20 goals if he had to play defense and was on a leash.

And Toews is a overrated like crazy and looks like a little kid. Would you want him as your captain? Would you rely on him to win you a game in overtime? No, not unless you're a major chicago fanboy, everyone else would easily take Stamkos over Toews. Stamkos doesn't need intangibles, he is a much better player than Toews

Originally Posted by AD1066 View Post

Got to love how you picked a video cherry picking his handling. What about the other 99% of his ice time making terrible plays?

If you're going to post a video, post a whole game where Dats is playing as consistently well as Kovalchuk. Dats is the master of giving up on plays. Too many times he turns over the puck and slowly skates away. H

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