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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
Yah I call 100% ******** on that. If they were that close to an agreement that it could be floated to people like him, they wouldn't be having this meeting. Just a way to get a bunch of follows / hits. Damn social media ******. He's banking that something might happen so he throws that quote out there and all of a sudden he's "in the know" with a totally random guess to thank for it (should his flip of the coin be right). I can almost guarantee he doesn't know jack. If there was something going on LeBrun and McKenzie would be all over it.

I might as well start a hockey blog and post "we could see an agreement as soon as next week", and if I'm right I look like an insider genius and if I'm wrong I'm no worse for wear; I can weasel out of it easily enough because of the vague language I used.
Steve Burton is a respected Boston Sports reporter who apparantly has exclusive access to the Patriots. He doesn't need to make up stories about the NHL lockout to be known, or get hits.

And to me, from a public relations scenerio, I think it makes perfect sense. I've thought for sometime that Bettman would be falling on the sword after this lockout. He will take the blame for the fans (because fans are more than willing to blame him),he will resign, and the owners will hope that will placate fans. But what better way to do that then: Bettman and Fehr Negotiate deal behind closed doors (Maybe with mediator help), keep it quiet, have players - owners meeting (supervised by the more likeable Bill Daly and Steve Fehr), shortly after announce deal, Wednesday, Bettman resigns at the Board of Governor meeting. Don Fehr Resigns at the conclusion of the CBA signing. Bill Daly takes over as Commish, Steve Fehr takes over as Exec. Dir. of NHLPA, Players and Owners look like heroes for 'negotiating' deal, while the big bad Bettman is gone. It's really the perfect exit scenerio for the NHL.

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