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Originally Posted by jkrx View Post
Then they might just make two trades.
I think that would be harder than it sounds, because both trades would have to be able to stand on their own as being fair. I just went and found two quick examples from last year's draft without analyzing them, just the first two I could find...

To Team A: 89, 215, 264, 392, 441
To Team B: 124, 152, 252, 380, 453

To Team A: 110, 136, 200, 249
To Team B: 87, 153, 215, 279

Can you break either of these down to be 2 separate fair trades?

EDIT: Looks like the first one could technically be broken down into 2 by just doing the first 3 as one trade and the remaining 2 as another, but you don't see a lot of GM's agree to something like that second part...12 now for 12 two rounds later.

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