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12-03-2012, 09:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Lolipops View Post
lol at all the Datysuk overrating going in this thread. He makes a couple highlight reel plays and suddenly he's a better stickhander than Kovalchuk who consistently is good with the puck? Everytime I watch Dats, I see him trying to be all fancy and giving the puck away because he has terrible control and is terrible under pressure.

If you actually watched Kovy and Dats, Malkin and Ove play, out of all those players, Kovy is always trying his best, not being overly fancy with the puck, but focuses more on puck control to help his team rather than trying to show off and looking dumb when he gives the puck away.

It's funny how the Red wing and penguin fanboys show up to defend their husband. Just more ammo to how underrated and how good Kovy really is and how OVERRATED those other players are.

Look at this video of Kovy scoring the winning goal

He was under major pressure in OT, this was lemaires milestone game. Look at that speed, that stick handling, that control, that release. No other player in the NHL could do that as good as Kovy. And look at that celebration, all class. Didn't burn his stick, jump into the boards or anything.
this thread really does make more sense to me now.

Im sorry that I think Datsyuk does things other NHLers could only wish to be able to do.

for people doubting Pavel's skill watch this and remember hes almost as good defensively as well.

BTW he plays in a defensive system, for people wondering what I meant by he could put up for more points by being selfish.

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