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12-03-2012, 09:26 PM
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based on my observations and playing the position. I think that Fleury *IS* subjected to more then normal high quality scoring chances. Turnovers in DB's system where the puck is turned over near our own blue line and become a surprise 3-2 or breakaway happen with alarming frequency.

As a goalie facing a 3-2 that develops from the far blue line is one thing, one that develops at your own is quite another.

That said I still think Fleury needs to get a new goalie coach and throw away some of the awful save selections he has made, take that breakaway goal from briere (the one he's offsides on) why is fleury making a 2 pad stack!!!! totally bad choice there, but even though briere is waaay offsides it's perfect example how badly our D gets exploited at times.

Someone like Lundqvist doesn't face anywhere near the number of odd man rushes/breakaways that Fleury does. Based only on my watching games and no stats whatsoever

You want to get a goalie off even keel and second guessing himself, have him face too many odd man rushes, or too many point blank shots. Hard for the goalie to get settled in and just focus on the shot.

Still. as pointed out. there is no reason his stick handling/ventures from the net should be as big of an adventure as they are this far into his pro career.
There is no reason he should be using the one pad up, one pad down technique in some of the situations he does. and he should not be doing a 2 pad stack on a shooter that is not right up on him, that's an easy shot for most NHL forwards.

I think he has top top tier talent, but his save selection (at times), rebounds (at times) and stick handling are all things that reflect goalie coach not making headway or being ignorant. I just think from what I recollect of watching Barrasso is that I'm more impressed with Fleury's ability to steal a game then Barrasso's. We just haven't seen it often enough as of late. But I still have a kernel of hope that this next season (whenever that is) with Vokoun pushing him he'll have a great season and playoff run.

feel free to say told you so after he goes in the tank again next playoffs

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