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12-03-2012, 09:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Atomos2 View Post
Umm...not really. I get that you're holding onto this Murphy-Kitchener connection as a point to make Murphy more reliable, but we are not bringing the whole Kitchener team to Ufa. If we focus on Murphy as an invdividual and look at his games in the summer series and super series, we can see some defensive lapses.

Murphy is capable of playing really good defensively, but out of all the defenders that are considered locks on this team, I pretty much can only see Murphy as a viable 7th dman.
You're really just refuting that without actually giving a reason why. Why would the best defensmen playing 40 minutes on one of the best junior teams defensively not matter? It's proof that Murphy's doing that job, he's doing it great, and there's no reason to not play him even strength.

You can find defensive lapse's for any player. Why does it matter for Murphy and not Hamilton (Who was actually far worse in the summer tournement)? Or Rielly?

Again your last statement, it's a statement, but there's really not arguement behind it. Murphy's the most offensively gifted defensemen, he's the best skater, he's proven to be reliable and even very good defensively this year. Why would you waste your best offensive talent to only play 5 or 6 minutes a game? The 7th defensemen is going to be a guy who can fill any fill, shutdown, even strength, powerplay. Guys like Dumba or Wotherspoon fit that job better.

And Spott is the head coach, if he thinks Murphy should play top 4 minutes, he will play top 4 minutes.

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