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12-03-2012, 09:38 PM
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Originally Posted by PensFanSince1989 View Post
I've always felt this was probably Bettman's last act as Commish, especially since it's gone on this long. Rightly or wrongly, I do believe he'll fall on the sword, placating fans. For the owners, it would seemingly be a perfect exit scenerio to try to manage the blowback they'd get from this lockout from Fans. Fans will be more than willing to blame Bettman for the lockout. And if this is true, then it makes even more sense as the players and actual owners will look like heroes.

It's hopeful thinking sure (though I actually support Bettman's reign, for the most part -- though he has made some mistakes, that's for sure)
I hope he doesn't fall on the sword, as much as I don't think he has done enough with other areas of the game, the game has thrived during his tenure.

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