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Originally Posted by aresknights View Post
Domi will stick up for himself at times, althou he doesnt scrap and Im ok with that. You want HoSang to scrap? I like talented guys thatll show some jam, try not to be intimidated, use a slash once in a while. Not condoning running guys guys from behind, head shots ect... but you gotta let em know your not too soft.
His last 3 goals have come froma total of about 12 ft. LAst 2 beating Pedan to the areas to score. He does certainly go to the blue ice, heavy traffic spots, isnt afarid of contact ect.. Seen him play live 50 or so times and on the tube just as much so I think its a big enough sample size.

SO by your answer ( slagging Domi) and non response to a ? about a kid Ive not seen much can I hazard to guess your answer is NO HoSang doesnt or did ya just leave that part out?

Id take Ma Jeans over Tie anyday lol but great nickname. Credit where its due, that is funny
Ho-Sang is not physical at all I just hope he keeps his head up, he only weighs around 155lbs, he is normally the brunt of any body contact. He will need someone to stickup for him eg. Emerson Clarke. Unless he grows he will need protection as he gets better.

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