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12-03-2012, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Gary83 View Post
lol. No.

That title belongs to the Heat, sorry. Unless 44 GA in 18 GP is more impressive than 36 GA in 20 GP.

Lehner is a great goalie regardless.
You're taking my words too figuratively. We have the best tandem in the league, hard to argue against that. Arguably the best goalie in the A last year followed by the 2nd best goalie in the A this year.

Lawson allowed 6 games in 1 game against when Lehner was shutting out a team 5-0 before he left.

Originally Posted by eklunds source View Post
Yeah, Cowan wouldn't lower the teams' GAA that much. He's on the ice less than half the game.
As much as other people may be undervaluing the Sens prospects, you're overvaluing them by at least that much.
Lol, I wasn't being serious. My point would be that Cowen would make our defense much more stable reducing the already strong GA average by the B-Sens.

In the 3 games Cowen was playing, we allowed only 5 goals against. Isn't it funny how the game inbetween he missed we allowed 5 goals? Now I know you're right about him playing half the game but he eats up 30 minutes. It allows for stronger depth to be filled the other half rather than the last pairing player more minutes.

Originally Posted by Roo Mad Bro View Post
He still thinks Zibanejad is better than Couturier.

Hahahahahaha, is this supposed to be an insult towards my intelligence? If anything, the laugh is on you; already basing the better player after one year of their draft. Also, I said Couturier is better NOW that's because he is more polished while Zibanejad is more raw.

Get your facts right even if you're trying to "insult" someone else, loooooool.

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