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12-03-2012, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by kfan22 View Post
Why does everyone think that reporters going dark is a good thing?? if they are going dark they arent doing there job, that just tells me nobody is buying this story including me
Because as reporters, it is just as much their job to debunk rumors if they aren't buying it. The difference between me and you and a reporter is that my phone and your phone aren't blowing up with people looking for someone they trust to tell them whether or not the rumor is true. If a reporter sincerely doesn't believe something is true, they'd make it known in part to stop everyone from asking them about it. Just my opinion, but I do think that if they had refutable evidence against this, we'd know about it. Even most reporters would say they were skeptical if they were skeptical.

Of course, they could all just be sleeping.

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