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12-03-2012, 10:27 PM
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Could it play out as I have said about Fehr trying to come out winner for himself and only himself?

Players go make a deal with owners. Fehr will take credit of himself setting the players up with all the previous bargaining/proposals he's done to get as much out of the owner for the best deal the players could get, and still able to salvage a partial season.

Players can't make a deal with the owners. Fehr can say, "See!? I told you! The owners wanted to kill us off with this deal and you(players) wouldn't take the deal either. Don't blame me on losing a season."

It's actually good to have the hardliners on both sides present at the meeting. You don't want a bunch of light weights in there agreeing on something only to have the heavy hitters dissatisfy and block the deal. Even if they make no deal, at least it allows the players and owners to clearly know where each others stand without the distrusted Fehr & Bettman acting in between them.

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