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12-03-2012, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by NORiculous View Post
Is there a way to know what the count is at?
It's not like an election where they tally the results as they go.

They will collect what they feel are enough valid signatures to qualify the referendum for a public vote and turn them all into the city clerk's office before the 30-day period (from when the ordinance was passed and city clerk recorded the documents) ends.

The signature petitions must be turned by that deadline, or the city clerk will not accept them.

If they are turned in, and accepted by the clerk, then the process of verifying signatures begins. Generally only a random sample of petitions will be checked for valid signatures. If that sample produces a high enough percentage of valid signatures relative to the total number of signatures collected, then the clerk can declare the petition valid and the ordinance would go before a public vote.

However...... any PAC that is registered with the city may request that every signature be validated until enough of them are confirmed valid to meet the requirement. In some cases it could take weeks to do that.

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