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12-03-2012, 11:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Atomos2 View Post
Rielly was actually one of the better defenceman in that tournament. As for Hamilton, he's a returning player and they usually perform better than they did in the previous year, although I don't really want to make excuses for them like you probably will for Murphy. If they play badly then they shouldn't be counted on.

But the fact is, in the super series, Murphy was 1/2 of the defensive pairing that let in 2 goals 30 seconds apart in the third. Something that gave me flashbacks of that epic third period collapse 2 years ago against Russia in the finals. He has those holes in his game. Tell me how I'm suppose feel confident in Murphy's ability when I know that is a possibility.

The 7th dman can be any type of player. In 2008, Subban was the 7th dman brought to be a powerplay specialist. And no, Spott won't go up to the assistant coach whose changing the defence and say "I think Murphy should get more minutes," I don't know why you are using the coach as if Murphy is a teacher's pet or something.
And so was Murphy. Murphy was Canada's best player in the other games.

And you're absolutely wrong about Spott letting the assistant coach set lines. The head coaches decisions trumps all. Most teams in the NHL have one associate coach handle special teams, well if the powerplay sucks the coach will take over, and the coach usually decides who plays. While another coach may handle the defense in practice, Spott absolutely will set the lines and will be the one giving out minutes. If Spott thinks Murphy deserves the minutes (And he has said numerous times in Kitchener that he does deserve them), Murphy will get them.

I don't know where people are getting this idea that one coach decides which defensive parings go out and and the head coach decides the forwards. Where is this coming from? This isn't how any coaching system works in hockey. The head coach has absolute authority.

Originally Posted by TurdFerguson View Post
Why do so many people put Danault on the wing? I've heard him called the best faceoff guy in the Q at the very least.
Because he's a winger? You can take faceoffs but play on the wing. Plenty of guys in the NHL do it, Steve Ott is a good example.

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