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12-03-2012, 11:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Eytinge View Post
I would expect he'd have the lead on any Boston stories, but I doubt he's well connected with the owners or any reps from either side that they'd leak it to him over Dreger or Bob Mac.

Its like if Gene broke this story. Yeah he might know what's going around with the Oilers, but I don't see him as an insider like the TSN guys.
Jacobs could be the highly ranked official that he's talking about, he also said that he heard from a highly ranked source on the other side.

Also, i think he's more legit than somebody like Principe.
However, i understand where you're coming from. I doubt that he would know any more than more legit hockey insiders.
I just don't understand why he would go out on a real limb on a major news broadcast without any concrete information. The timing is also interesting with the meeting tomorrow and the BOG meeting on Wednesday.
It's also interesting that his report hasn't been outright shot down by any insiders.

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