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12-04-2012, 01:33 AM
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What if it is a meeting behind the backs of both Fehr and Bettman or just one of the two? I think its on the verge of being illegal if that happened. In that case i could see people knowing but not reporting. What if Daly, or Bettman approached a player or player approached them and said lets figure this out...or have a coffee and see what we can do. Lets talk about the issues and see if we cant figure out solutions.
Its tampering i am pretty F^N sure but ... i certainly believe more than half the players will gladly take the offer on the table to get back to playing --nevermind a deal tweaked a bit further to the players.

That would be a scenario where i could see guys like Bob Mac etc...keeping their lips tight

Wait... if Fehr gave permission for a player/owner meeting... lol... then maybe he accidentally gave permission to meetings of the kind even if he didnt specify or control the date and time? Maybe its like a loophole. he accepted and gave power for the players to meet owners and said hed get back to the nhl with detail. maybe when he accepted he didnt specify so they have him on record that players re free to talk to owners/nhl on their own.

Man... if i was thinking the players had brains i would be thinking a bunch asked to seperate from the NHLPA and beg Paul Kelly to represent them as a new union.

-----the question was why would one guy be spouting off stuff when he has a rep to look after but the nhl insiders are keeping their mouths shut... i just gave you a top of the head possible answer. (keep in mind bettman might be bad at seeing gaps in a cba that can be used as loopholes but as an oiler fan i know he is pretty good at sneaking little clauses into agreements to keep teams in place and may have puroosely worded this meeting option as a admittance of allowing players to bargain.
maybe because the reporter is only --well connected-- but not an nhl insider he wasnt really supposed to know and didnt know he wasnt supposed to report it?

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