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12-04-2012, 01:41 AM
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Originally Posted by beauchamp View Post
I agree that he might be overrating his team (but was there really a need to be so acerbic about it?), but most serious students of the game would opt for the Sens organisation lock, stock and barrel over the Leafs organisation.
If you read the post before than you would realize I was only reciprocating the tone of the post before me. And I disagree, most serious students of the game would realize not to be fooled by the final standings last year and would notice there isn't a great amount of differences between these two organizations. Serious students of the game look between the lines and don't just believe that since team A finished better than team B, then team A is clearly the better organization now and in the future.

Even in the AHL, the marlies almost simulated the run the Bingmaton sens had the year before. The sens are a bubble team with decent prospects coming up just like the leafs are a bubble team with decent prospects coming up.

Now if you want to talk about history or about the pressure and negativity around the city then be my guest, because sens have the advantage in that part, but that has no bearing on what is happening in the present. The quality of the team is very similar.

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