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Originally Posted by wings5 View Post
Interesting observation, I think Bliznak came over early too though. Jurco still looks to have a bright future atm after coming at 17. Will be interesting to see how it affects the 95's.
Nope, Bližňák only came over after he was drafted in 2005. In 2004/2005 he was playing in Slovakia, sharing his time between the men´s, junior and U18 team of Dubnica.

Jurčo is more of an exception than a rule, same as Reway this year, the other 95s seem to be a further proof of what czechexpert said.

Also you made it sound as if the players you named made up the core of the NT, while half of them even aren´t NT players at the moment (despite having played some games for the NT in the past). Mikúš is the one that is 100% NT player, but he didn´t become one until playing for years with Pálffy, Bližňák is another one. Kytnár might beome another one. With Mihálik, most of us wish he wasn´t. Zagrapan has played at the WC under Filc in the past, but he´s been bouncing around leagues/teams in Europe for years now, in the last months in CZE. Bartánus also got some games in the past, but since then has done nothing special anywhere outside Slovakia. Same for Marcinko.

Looking at last years WC roster out of the U25 players on the team, only Bližňák and Mikúš played in the CHL and Tatar in the AHL and they all played in Sovakia during their draft year. The next three players have never played in NA (Hudáček L, Hudáček J and Haščák).

Out of the nine U25 players that played at the Deutschland Cup this year,three have played in the CHL. Marcinko was there pre-draft, but Šťastný only played quite a limited time there and that was after he was 18. The third one was Janus who left quite early, but that´s it of a special case as he´s a goalie. Also Mikúš (the D, not the F) has played in the AHL for several years, but once again only after his draft. The others - Ďaloga, Štajnoch, Galamboš, Hudáček and Tybor have spent their whole careers in Slovakia/Europe. Of course we might count with the fact that some players that went through the CHL are still in NA in the AHL and therefore weren´t available for the DC. However the three players who are performing well enough to warrant a selection - Tatar, Pánik, Marinčin - all went to NA after their drafts and all have played at least some time against men back at home. (and in Tatar´s case he´s never played in the CHL at all)

So, I think you don´t have much proof that your statement "it seemed to be the irght route for them" is absolutely right. Because there is no 100% right route, especially not one that would work for everyone. There´s way too many factors included, a lot of them can´t be influenced. Even though czechexpert says that the CHL is the right route for many players after their 18 and I value his opinion and work with the presumtion that the majority of the time he´s right, even he´s not ALWAYS right. As an example I believe he thought that a guy like Richard Mráz would do just fine in the CHL, yet Mráz is now back in Slovakia without achieving much in the OHL (though of course there´s the issue of his serious injury last year, but from what I understand his lak of success in the league had more to do with trust issues with the coach than with that.)

Anyway, on a positive note, both Martin Reway and Michal Krištof will be good to go for the WJC camp, and on a less positive one Gernát won´t make it after all.

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