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12-04-2012, 02:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Hockey 4 Life View Post
ok so as a wings fan what would you be looking for, because that was one of my reasons for doing this thread, to get input from wings fans.
Well not to be mean but as a Wings fan I am not looking to move our Captain (he really is already) really in any circumstance. Especially with what Toronto has to offer.

I think the Wings can consider moving Datsyuk if he won't sign an extension this summer.

In any event I am not real high on most of the Leafs. I like Kulemin quite a bit so since I generally see Kulemin/MacArthur in a lot of threads, I would take Kulemin anytime that is an option.

Phaneuf doesn't do a great deal for me, he has a 6.5 cap hit and isn't really a huge upgrade from Kronwall. He doesn't do things the Detroit way and would be expected to fall in line and wouldn't get a letter over Kronwall, Datsyuk and Filppula if they remain after the proposed trade. I wonder how that would sit with him?

I just think salary wise it is hard to move Zetterberg. The closest I have thought about it is the deals involving Boston where Krejci is coming back and we dump a winger and get a winger upgrade.

There just isn't a whole lot out there I would honestly move him for. It creates a huge hole in the lineup and honestly an even larger one in the dressing room.

Value wise without a cap around the players you are looking at proposing.


But then I am asking too much so rather than insult the process, it is easier just to say this is just not a real great fit. To be honest I might even want a pick but the Wings probably ship one of their bottom six guys too, just saying the Leafs group hasn't led you to the promise land at all. The Wings have a glut of forwards already on the roster they don't need to trade star skill players for quantity or for another heavily offensive d-man, part of the reason a bunch of Wings fans hate Yandle deals around here. This is a different Wings team, what they also need more than anything is a strong stay at home right handed d-man. So they aren't looking to do this kind of trade, they are looking to move some of the bottom six and prospect depth out on the wing for a solid stay at home type.

If they fall flat on their face post Lidstrom which I think is greatly exaggerated but could happen, Zetterberg is still an extremely unlikely guy to be put up for sale. In that scenario they try to regroup around him and dump Franzen and Datsyuk as their huge rebuilding pieces. That would painful to watch but what I think would happen if desperation sets in.

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