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12-04-2012, 02:06 AM
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Originally Posted by the8bandarmadillo View Post
OR! Hall charged Brodin and broke his collarbone awkwardly falling down.

Great. And when Cuma was a prospect, he was talked about as a high end defenseman as well. But Cuma had injury problems that derailed his career and he's finally coming back to form. Klefbom has shown he has an injury history that should be of some concern for his development.

The problem with Brodin is how do you measure a prospect that has already achieved so much? Klefbom was much, much more of a project than Brodin coming into the draft season, so he had so much more to gain that season. Brodin played in 20 more games in the SEL and in the WC. To me that proves a lot more than Klefbom. Hell Brodin jumped over to the AHL and stayed there. Why didn't Klefbom?

At this point in the stage Minnesota and Edmonton are two organizations heading in different paths; Minnesota is using FA to grab top end players and using the draft to fill out the rest. Edmonton is using the draft to grab top end players and using FA to grab depth players. Either strategy is fine.
Awkwardly falling down? You can't be serious... it was broken on impact. And charging? Debateable.

When has Klefbom been injured aside from his recent shoulder injury? I haven't heard of any other kind of injury he's suffered from in the past.. if it's only this one I'm not sure how you can say he's had injury problems, yet Brodin hasn't...

BTW, it's not like Klefbom couldn't have played in the AHL this year.. he's under contract in the SEL still. Klefbom was a project who has rapidly developed into a defenseman who will very likely be in the NHL 2 years after being drafted. That just tells you all you need to know right there.

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