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12-04-2012, 04:03 AM
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Originally Posted by wheelz87 View Post
Big time OSU fan here, feel they should easily be number 2 this year. Pisses me off with the sanctions..Notre Dame might be the worst number 1 team in the history of college football.

About the block, I didn't see it and for some reason on here its not letting me, but I bet its a fantastic one that should be celebrated, not one that is gonna make coach chew you out for. The NFL and college football are just this way nowadays. You hit somebody too hard and they stay down, theres a 99 percent chance of a flag and its just ridicilous. Football is a tough game to play. If your Wes Welker and you go over the middle of the field, be prepared to be lit up by Ryan Clark. But no, the NFL protects him and all the midget receivers they have so anybody can do it now.

You want to watch football, go to a high school game here in Western PA. FANTASTIC. It's my favorite sport. They let stuff go. They can hit the qb, they can make big blocks, big hits.. its football at it's truest form.
It will be in a Year in Review montage on SC. Very big block coming back on the play. Shoulder lowered to the chest explosion. Beautiful.

I played DE and OLB in High School football and I was lit up once on a block like that (obviously not as massive, but still) and I got up and knew that it was my fault for not keeping my eyes open but at the same time there are moments where a great block is a great block and you just are not going to see it coming in time. I wouldn't be looking for a penalty flag and I doubt the guy that got jack'd up in the video would either.

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