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12-04-2012, 04:44 AM
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Bobby M has RNH and Strome as the top 2 centers. It's hard to disagree with that no matter how good MacKinnon has been this year. Even though I'm not the biggest Strome fan, he was a points leader last year and is tearing up the OHL.

I'm not a fan of top 6/bottom 6 predefined roles that Canada seems to fixate on. Being predictable is never a good thing. I believe Canada should bring at least one very good checking/energy/shutdown line, but not two. Most teams won't have multiple elite lines. If anything, Canada should be pushing three elite scoring lines, since the depth is there. The best defense is a good offense. I'd rather have the other teams working their roster to battle us than vice versa. We can still bring guys capable of great two way hockey, but bringing pure checkers at the expense of offense baffles me. Most of the top scoring guys in Canada are often on their own team's PK units. I just don't see a need for exclusively defensive forwards for more than one line. To me, having two lines primarily focussed on checking, hitting and keeping the other team from scoring just means that half the game you are on the defense, which is a lousy strategy.

Canada has had a history though of being formulatic in the WJC. Line combos/roles is certainly one predictability. The other is shifting the game plan after establishing a lead. I've never embraced when Team Canada does this early in a game. If the way you are playing is successful, why change it up to protect the lead for multiple periods. I can understand being conservative towards the end of the game, but when you do it too early, it tends to backfire as you give away your momentum. It has always been an especially bad tactic vs Russian squads.

So my two Christmas wishes for TC are:
1. Please bring three scoring lines
2. Please don't sit back when you are capable of pushing forward

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