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12-04-2012, 06:43 AM
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Originally Posted by NYRFAN218 View Post
WBZ Boston Sports ‏@wbzsports
WBZ's Steve Burton reports #nhl talks have made great progress behind closed doors and it looks like the season will be salvaged - @JoeGiza

WBZ Boston Sports ‏@wbzsports
WBZ's Steve Burton reports that a deal to save the #nhl season could be announcement tomorrow or Wednesday - @JoeGiza

CBS affiliate in Boston. Guy that reported it is well respected for covering the Pats and NFL and also broke the Phil Kessel cancer news. Grain of salt and I 99.9% doubt it's true but maybe there's something to it. Just don't see how this guy knows something every other hockey reporter doesn't.
One downside with the credibility of a report like this is that its the only logical ending to this, while I recon it could be a couple of weeks to a month until something gets done (if it gets done (things is not always logical)).

To put it like this, if I were a reporter and wanted to make a name for myself, I would get in contact with everyone I know and if anyone even breathed something positive I could spin it into "its getting done soon".

But, the two sides are within spitting distance of each other. No material issue is still on the table. The diffrences does not has any affect long term for any of the party, nor short term either really (the diffrences per team/year in relation to turnaround of a club is just completely insignificant). The contractual diffrences is obviously on the wish list for a number of clubs that I recon are important in terms of votes among the owners, but, on the other side of the table you the enourmous danger another loss of a full season would cause and it just do not make any kind of sense not to compromize for either party.

If leadership on both sides wasn't so darn week this should have been solved month ago. But things are what they are. I do not think anyone around the game either has done anything to deserve anything else. Key media people have most of the time either been 100% silient (Cherry and co) or pro the party who feeds them info around the trading dead line or something. And we fans hasn't exactly put any kind of pressure on these media persons who screw us (by refraining for calling this what it really is, a tremendous disgrace, and from refraining from scrutinzing the parties involved) because hey, Dreger and co are our idols. Sometimes you get what you deserve...

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