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Originally Posted by TheFinnishKulemin View Post
Everett, everyone else and there mother knew Jones wouldn't come to the WHL to play on a bad team. Portland took a chance knowing that they probably had one of the better chances in the league to get him. It happens all the time, just in different ways. Domi going to the Knights. Nathan MacKinnon even.

Portland released the apparent infractions.

Flights for players families that had financial need, paying for training programs for a few players, a cell phone for the Captain for three seasons.

I'm not sure I take it at face value, especially considering the severeness of the penalty. The CHL is definitely trying to make an example of them, but I can't imagine it's only for the reasons above.

Portland has had some pretty good scouting, that shouldn't be taken away from them. But some incidents that could be ones that were under investigation. Oliver Bjorkstrand is one.

I remember this summer when Portland picked Oliver, both he and his father whom was also his coach in Denmark, said that Portland had wasted a pick on him. And that there was NO WAY he was leaving Herning, and Denmark.

His father is known as a very stricht man

Then all of a sudden and out of the blue, and also close to pre season, he decided to go.

All that was said to the media was, that Oliver and I decided that a move to NA would be better for his Draft position...

It all seemed very weird as everybody in Denmark thought Oliver was staying. Oliver along with his big brother Patrick and another young danish Draftee Thomas Spelling (NY Rangers) were Hernings Baby line last season. They played on the second line and were a huuge contributor to Herning winning the Champiosnhip.

Check out Hernings player statistics for last season STATS

Notice all three in top 6 scoring.

This year Herning are not doing well and Todd knew this was going to happen.. That is also why it was so weird that he was going all of a sudden.. Patrick was lost to Sweden as was Thomas Spelling.

So when Oliver then all of a sudden announced he was leaving, nobody could make sense of the first 20 statements they made about him not leaving..

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