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Originally Posted by charliolemieux View Post
LMAO really? Not everyone can make trades. Big trades are hard to do.
again, anyone can make trades, or "big" trades if you prefer. how do you judge whether a trade is good or bad? if the on-ice results don't matter, how do you judge?

Here we go Again. Jesus. did you not read where I said about 10 times the Kessel deal ultimately turned out bad for Burke? And you wonder why I question whether you can follow along?
but how did it turn out bad? burke isn't responsible for anything kessel, seguin, hamilton, knight, etc. do on the ice. that's your logic. so how can a trade possibly turn out bad for the gm?

You and others just can't grasp that at the time of the trade Burke only traded picks. He didn't trade Seguin, Hamliton and Knight. He couldn't. He didn't have them in his franchise.

You guys can't seperate the two.
everyone understands and grasps the fact that burke traded draft picks for kessel. the issue is whether or not that is relevant to burke's responsibility and accountabilty when it comes to this trade (and all other trades and results).

amazingly, you believe it severely reduces burke's responsibility. you believe it lets burke off the hook for this bad deal. that's what people are having a hard time understanding. everyone understands your words, just cannot understand where you are coming from, or how you can justify such ridiculous logic. and clearly, you cannot justify it.

draft picks are nothing. they're not players, they're totally intangible. they're nothing. you're saying burke got kessel for nothing. that's what people cannot understand.

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