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12-04-2012, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by alphafox View Post
The issue with the Nash comparison is that Nash was 1. a goal scorer and 2. a goal scorer whose biggest strength has always been his ability to create his own chances. Johansen is a Playmaker, he relies on the talent around him to to finish. If he doesn't have guys around him that can finish he will struggle unless he can transform his game, no matter how talented he is.
Remove Nash and insert any true top line player. What you said about Nash really doesn't matter in the context of the point I was making. Nash, at his best, was more than a goal scorer. I was talking about more than just his ability to score goals.

If you really are a top line player they can stick two role players up there with you and you will still produce. Even if that it 5 on 5, helping on the forecheck and in the defensive zone. If they shove two competitive role players up there with you and you end up as plus players you've done your job.

When Johansen is a true top line player, he will compete in all zones and it won't matter who is on the ice with him. He'll create problems and he'll find ways to get points. Either he'll take more shots, create space for lesser players with that big body, get the puck back to Wiz or JMFJ and move to the net for a rebound or deflection, or get role players the puck in tight where they can outwork the goalie.

Having said all of this, watching Johansen he is more than just a play maker. He's not 40 or 50 goal scorer, but he can certainly has the shot to get around 30 if he puts his mind to it. His first two months last season was enough to illustrate that.

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