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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
For those who followed the last lockout in detail, were there people saying "yeah we're definitely getting a partial season" ??

Based on my well-known arguments in the surgical tanking thread, you can all guess that I am a firm supporter of a 48 game season, as the Habs need another top-5 pick.
If Habs don't play this year, and end up with a 21st overall because the NHL has another idiotic and unfair post lockout ,"anyone can win!", draft, it will cost us any chance we have at a cup in the next 5 years. We are one more Gally away from contending in two to three years. And don't bet on another miracle top five Carey Price pick either. Very very unlikely.

And poor draft positions with UFA and trades will not get us there, ever. We all know this by now.

I believe this. This lockout is a disaster for us if they lose the season. Habs desperately need another top 5 pick in 2013, and after years of finishing 8th on average, working like hell to make the playoffs with integrity, they deserve it.

No one, no one here has ever mentioned how odd it is that the oldest NHL club can work so hard for so long to become cup competitive, and yet fail so badly. Massive amounts of money, history, knowledge, huge effort, and not even close. Houle? Yes, partly. Gainey? Not really. Why has this happened?

I suggest you look at the NHL draft system, and especially the draft after the last lockout, and, if this season is lost, I suggest you look at the draft in 2013. It will be a ****ing disaster for us.

That is why all of us, and all Habs fans, should hate and **** on this lockout. Because it very well may cost the Habs a cup.

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