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12-04-2012, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by FissionFire View Post
I don't see how listing a guy who has great stats makes them a steal. It's pretty well established that having lots of success in scoring at the CHL level (and to an extent the Euro leagues) does not directly translate to NHL ability. I could list dozens of guys who prove this out.

The steals will be the players who dropped for a reason, and were able to significantly improve their weakness that caused them to drop. Or guys who just plain make huge improvements on skating/skill/size/etc. If you are calling a guy a steal, give me something tangible like that. Case in point from a different draft Teemu Pulkkinen. He dropped because of concerns over health, size, and especially skating. Last season he put up big numbers, but only have minor improvements to his skating. He wasn't really any closer to the NHL despite having great numbers. Meanwhile a guy like Louis-Marc Aubrey from the same draft didn't really post big numbers but make big improvements in the areas that don't show up on the scoresheet (like skating). He's much closer to the NHL and more likely to make it than the highly-touted Fin because his strength and skating made huge improvements.

Stuff like that is what I want to hear. That's what will really tell you who the next Zetterberg or Datsyuk or Benn will be. Not raw scoring numbers. That's why some guy nobody even mentions now because his scoring isn't impressive will probably turn out the biggest steal because he improved things we don't see dramatically. That or you'll get the classic late bloomer kids who finally break out. The power forward types usually are like this and need time to grow into their bodies and skills.
You haven't really taken the point far enough.

Firstly, the thread title is abysmal language. 2012 draft prospects who were steals? So what are they now? Secondly, no one can declare any player from this draft a steal. To even loosely fit whatever that term means, a player will have needed to have played and likely produced at the NHL for a couple of seasons. Just because someone fell, is hyped and has nice looking stats doesn't mean the declaration of a steal is required as a label. They are what they are ; promising young players who may one day be good NHL players.

Of all the illogical implementations of words on this site, steal has to be the one that is the most fundamentally stupid, because the measurement of a "steal" can never be quantified two years after the draft.

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