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12-04-2012, 10:41 AM
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"Make Whole" was offered to the nhlpa the 2nd week of October and defined for us fans the first week of November. That NHL offer back in October to save the 82 game season did have some contracting limitations that have since been softened through bargaining. The NHLPA has saved themselves an extra year on ELCs and lost at least 25% of their wages this season. Good job. "Make Whole" is bound to shrink significantly now that the league will he hard pressed to squeeze in even two thirds of a season.

If these NHLPA knuckleheads would've just negotiated off of the mid October NHL offer, they'd have been able to preserve 82 games, likely would've been able to bargain 211m in make whole to maybe 250m and moved the NHL even further in terms of team revenue sharing. The NHL's ELC and UFA demands were obviously meant to work together. The fact that they moved on ELC shows me they'd move ob UFA. The players would likely have been able to keep both untouched.

If they'd bumped Make Whole to 250m, got 82games worth of pay, sacrificed on contract term limit(say they got the nhl to six years), back diving contracts, and arbitration while getting the NHL to kick in even more team revenue sharing they'd be a week into a full season right now.

Can anyone reasonably expect they can now possibly get a deal approaching anywhere near that good? There is just no way in Hell. Best case scenario is they lose 30% of their wages this year due to lost games, they see revenue shrink, and Make Whole will he less than 211m. No matter how much they "win" in other areas of negotiation from this point on, theyll NEVER make up for what they lost in the three weeks of stupidity following the nhl's mid October offer.

They'd have been better off just saying "okay" and accepting that offer outright, sight unseen, based simply on trusting the owners than they are now.

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