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Originally Posted by Adam Tilander View Post
You said yourself you based it off 1 viewing.

If I've seen this kid 15 times over 3 years and I've never seen what you're saying, I'm going to disagree with you and say well maybe you should watch him more than once because anyone who frequents this Propsect thread knows you should probably have multiple viewings under your belt before you comment too much.

Like Nathan MacKinnon for me, over the last 3 years I've only seen him live twice and both times he was invisible throughout his games. I watched him in Bantam a bunch and he was a star back then but I never comment on his abilities because I haven't seen him enough recently to have an educated opinion on him. Thankfully that's going to change this month but still unless you've seen the kid multiple times and have enough info on him to make an educated assessment of his abilities, don't be ******** when you get bashed.

I have seen him 10 plus times in the last two years (fasthockey, preseason and regular season USHL) Taylor is a bit reluctant to go to the dirty areas for the puck. Some have said it is Waterloo's system, but I dont 100% buy that as Hinostroza and Stepan battle all the time. In open ice, his skills are second to none. He has unbelieveable ability to find open space on the ice and is vision is extraordinary. So even though Alberta Tough has only seen him one time, I will agree with him that Taylor very seldom goes to the corners or dirty areas.

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