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12-04-2012, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
All the ladies I know say women's league is far chippier and more physical
Well, for one thing, it's going to be for them without question. When you have threads of guys asking how to play against a female and how much physicality is ok, it kind of goes hand in hand that girls that play against these guys aren't going to experience the full chippiness or physicality that would be directed toward other male players. Of course girls playing in a men's league are going to say the men's league seemed less physical; none of the men were sure how much space to give and how hard to push. I'm not saying girls leagues aren't chippier as they could be, I just don't think a real objective verdict can be reached by that comparison. And in a real hitting league most of the time they are at a disadvantage due to size and strength. I'm not bring sexist, some girls are bigger/stronger than some guys, but in general the odds of them getting lit up are high. When I mentioned the difference between playing casual pickup with strangers vs my usual group of ex-college/junior players earlier I should have pointed out the girls who sometimes show up for our usual skate can skate and handle the puck like pros (figure of speech) and will lay a good hit here and there but get dominated when the play is in the corner or along the boards because the strength of the guys, pretty much universally, is overwhelming in those situations. They can throw some good hits, but their hits are generally much easier to shrug off and they are much easier to pin or push off the puck, despite being extremely good athletes.

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