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Originally Posted by Avro Arrow View Post
Well it's like this... Even the GREATEST team to play in the NCAA in the last 20 years would get more destroyed by a CFL team than a CFL team would be destroyed by an NFL team. I'll tell you why and then you might understand why someone thought you were trying to belittle the CFL because really, the question of an NCAA team vs a CFL team is beyond absurd.

Now, let's look at the NCAA. There are 111 teams of 70 players each. That makes 7,770 NCAA football players. Of that, only 112 players get drafted each year into the NFL. They don't automatically play, they're just claimed and therefore cannot play on any other NFL team.

Now, this next part is impossible but just to give you more than the best possible scenario for your question, we'll assume that the CFL uses all 48 draft picks on NCAA players and drafts nobody from the CIS. So now, you have a total of 160 players that both the CFL and NFL believe are POSSIBLY capable of playing pro ball. That is an average of less than 2 players per NCAA team.

The other 7,610 players which obviously make up the bulk of all NCAA teams aren't even good enough to play in the CFL. Some may be good enough for the AFL (Arena league) but I don't have exact figures for that so we'll ignore it. Now, take the best team in the NCAA, we'll say that perhaps 4 players on that team are good enough for pro ball and 66 players are not. Do you really think that a team with 4 quality players and 66 "fluff" players could possibly touch a team made completely of professionals? You're really not comparing apples to apples here. Some say the same thing about CFL vs. NFL and there is value in that but at least the teams are both made of seasoned professionals.

An NCAA team is mostly guys playing for fun and enough prestige to get laid. A CFL team is a professional football team made up of CIS and NCAA superstars that couldn't make it to the NFL for a myriad of reasons. The NCAA couldn't even be compared to the AHL because AHL players are professionals. The NCAA would be more comparable to the OHL, QMJHL, WHL, etc. In those cases, even a KHL team would slaughter them.

I think that the difference between the NFL and CFL would be more akin to the difference between the NCAA and CIS. One is clearly superior (based on population and money) but they're in the same universe. College vs. Pro is not in the same universe. Take the WORST CFL team, put them in NCAA Division-1 and they'll have a perfect record, break every single team record in NCAA history by possibly having ZERO points scored on them and win the NCAA championship in every single year that they're there with no exceptions. The same thing could not be said about the worst NFL team playing in the CFL or the worst NCAA team playing in the CIS. That's the difference and that's why the question has no merit whatsoever.

I'm not putting you down or anything, I know that the question was honest and not meant to incite. I post this to simply explain, without emotion or prejudice, why some would think that you were insulting the CFL. See, you really were insulting the CFL and you showed the typical Toronto attitude of how low Torontonians think the CFL is but you didn't mean to and there was no malice behind it. The reaction you received was a result of CFL fans tired of hearing the "same old crap" from Torontonians about how the CFL is a crap league and the quality is far better in the NFL. In defence of that belief that Toronto seems to have, it's true. The NFL is clearly made up of superior players but here's the thing:

When you have a football game where the offences and defences are evenly matched, it's entertaining and great because awesome plays are possible and the outcome is in doubt. Why do you think that the NCAA is so wildly popular in the USA? Because it's a great game played by teams that are generally evenly matched and the outcome is always in doubt (and because people bet on them like crazy). THAT is the key to a good game, not necessarily having the best of the best players, but having players whose level of quality is evenly matched. I hope that this has helped explain things not only to you, but to anyone else who is not knowledgeable enough about the game of football for this to be immediately obvious.

In answer to the question that was posed, I think that the worst NFL teams could lose to the best CFL teams but I could be wrong. Is the talent difference between the best and worst NFL teams greater than the worst NFL team and best CFL team? I ask this because of the old "On any given Sunday" addage. Also, NFL success isn't always about pure talent. The Chiefs are clearly a talented team but they lack the intangibles needed for success like good coaching and management, team chemistry, a winning attitude and confidence. If a team doesn't believe they can win, or know how to win, even a clearly inferior team can beat them. We've seen huge upsets occur in the NFL that were a result of the better team taking the worse team too lightly and forgetting that they are playing professionals. Could an NFL team take a CFL team too lightly and get beat? I don't know but I believe it's possible. The QB doesn't take the game seriously and throws 9 interceptions, for instance. Believe it or not, a CFL DB can intercept a ball thrown by an NFL QB. A CFL LB can pick up a fumble from an NFL RB. Too many crazy things can happen between professionals for anything to be absolute. In 100 games would an NFL team have a perfect record against a CFL team? I think the answer to that is an emphatic "no". Would the CFL team have double-digit wins? Probably not, but hey, remember that even the Harlem Globetrotters don't have a perfect record against the Washington Generals.

Rock on!

- Watched CFL since 1979, watched NFL since 1987, played football for 3 years in high school and had a football coach for a stepfather.
That was a very good breakdown. However I would like to point out that not all Torontonians feel that way about the CFL & NFL.

Originally Posted by tape to tape View Post
I read a recent interview of an NFL defence player who recently made the switch to CFL and he mentioned that he was surprised how challenging playing D in the CFL was because there is more space to cover and you are running at full speed when you make the tackle. The NFL, with the smaller field is easier to manage zone D. He subscribed to the idea that smaller faster players make better CFL players because it's a different game.
That's pretty much always the case. Every NFL player that comes from the NFL to the CFL is surprised by the talent level and the difficulty of the game.

Originally Posted by Diatidialga View Post
A CFL team would beat an NCAA team purely based on Size difference
He's probably referring to the CFL having Men playing well the NCAA has Boys playing.

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