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12-04-2012, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Stickchecked View Post
I could google it but you explain things so well.

What do the two numbers represent? I tried FBV at one point and loved it. Then I took a six or 12 month break from skating, tried it again and hated it. There was too much lateral slide when I was skating straight ahead and I lost all confidence in stopping suddenly. I went back to 1/2 and felt solid on my skates again.

I'm tempted to give FBV one more try, especially if I can sort out the exact cut I should use.
Let's say this is the skate blade (upside down), there's two "teeth" on the outside and a flat gap (bottom) between them:


The first number is the length of the flat gap and the second is the height of the teeth.

Beyond that it's over my head, so here's a technical explanation:

Technical Explanation

From there it looks like:

100/75 ~ 3/8"
100/50 ~ 1/2"
90/75 ~ 3/4"
90/50 ~ 1"+

Of course that's simplifying and the FBV will have better glide than a corresponding traditional hollow.

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