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12-04-2012, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by MurrayBannerman View Post
All he needs is an 8% walk rate, which comes out closer to 60, then he's perfectly fine with OBPs north of .350. Heck, in 2011, he'd have an OBP of .370. Nom nom nom

I wasn't really on board with getting him in the first place, but I would assume it would start with one of the second tier, b grade guys. He's not going to net any of Baez, Almora or Soler.

Chipper can be a dick. He's awesome. Yicketty.

Sounds great to me.

I only brought it up because you might be able to get him without giving up one of those 3... and like I said, you could build a contender fairly cheaply, and not be stuck with massive longterm contracts. You'd just need to add one more quality pitcher, and you could definitely give the division a run.

I've never been a fan of him, and having met him hasn't really changed my opinion of him either. I hope he has nothing to do with announcing or anything of that nature, unless it's just local Braves coverage that I won't pay attention to.

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