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Trouble adapting from a ball to a puck

When i was younger I was a good player, could score, was a good playmaker, good skater, etc. I grew up playing ball. I stopped playing at the age of proably 18-19. and only played here and there until i was prob 23. By the time I came back fully everyone had transitioned completely to puck. I now play with a puck and I find myself a much worse player. Im 25 years old, Sure im slower, taller and have put on a few lbs, (Im about 6'0 185 lbs.) But i find myself struggling to handle the puck, and when im handling it well, its because my head is down.

I now play defense, its like, the constant roll of the ball was crucial to me. I feel as tho if I could handle the puck, I would possess much better vision, be quicker with my decision making, and not get as tired, which would prob help dramatically. Just last night, I wound up twice for a slapshot and both times, had probly a 2 second windup b/c i felt the puck dribbling away as i went to blast. ( and looked like an idiot) maybe some its just b/c im older and such now, but I am trying to improve and im getting frustrated.

Since i started playiing a few times a week again, I have made some strides. I can actually recieve passes most of the time now, and still possess good speed like I always have. But id like to not be the worst player on the team, which is filled with all friends and all good players. So as I said, i think my number 1 problem is puck control, b/c I think alot of things becoming easier with good puck control. Anyway just looking to improve. Ideas/thoughts/techniques would be appreciated.

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