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12-04-2012, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by CGG View Post
If the latest referendum is any indication, you forgot the one important step where the brash city lawyer instructs the city clerk to automatically reject any petition for a referendum out of spite, then throws a bunch of crap against the wall hoping something will stick, in an effort to justify the rejection.

Following that step, of course, is that the city gets dragged into court and the judge rejects the city's rejection of the referendum petition, scolding the city for trying to obfuscate democratic process with ridiculous arguments as to why the petition should be declared invalid. Then the referendum proceeds.

I would think Mr. Jones and whomever is helping him would be aware of that and make sure their referendum follows all the criteria.

Despite that... Tindall IS paid to defend the city's position and if that means challenging a referendum based upon failure to comply to every nuance that's required then he is doing his job. Just because his actions don't follow along someone's own agenda doesn't mean anything.

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