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12-04-2012, 10:36 AM
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The argument supporting Fleury is quality of shots, which is directly affected by a coach's system.

Look at it this way, before Bylsma, the Penguins had a reputation (which was built over two decades) of being a team that would pass on average or mediocre scoring opportunities in favor of high-quality scoring chances. You don't have a radio station create a "Shoot the puck" song in response to fan criticism of the powerplay, otherwise. The Pens would regularly be outshot at times by ridiculous margins and still be in games or even win. It wasn't unusual for the Pens to end games with 20 shots and 4 goals or 23 shots and 5 goals.

During the Bylsma era, the mindset of the team has been transformed to be "any shot is a good shot." A consequence of HCDB's stressing of constant offensive pressure is that when opponents counterattack, it's often in the form of odd-man breakaways, which are not easy for a goalie to defend against. I would wager $100 that the Pens have been out-odd-man-breakawayed for each of the past couple of regular seasons.

Combine that system with the noted deficiencies we had on defense last year, and you have a situation in which few goalies would post stellar stats.

Originally Posted by Illinest View Post
I'm not sure if I've got this straight...

It's not Fleury's fault that he has a bad save percentage - it's the coaches fault and the player's fault?

What would we say about this example then? Columbus sucked last year and they had two goaltenders who split the time pretty evenly. Steve Mason had an .894 percentage but Curtis Sanford had .911, while MAF had .913.

Are we saying that MAF's job was as tough as Curtis Sanford's, or is it that Curtis Sanford is just a better goaltender than MAF?

If Sanford is better than MAF then what business does anyone have comparing MAF to Barrasso? But if MAF's job was so tough that he couldn't outperform Curtis Sanford then how do we explain the fact that the Pens came within a few points of the President's trophy while Columbus had the worst record in the league. Are the chances against Fleury so much worse than anyone else's chances that they overwhelm all of the other advantages that he enjoys?

Do I seem mean spirited? I guess I must. I'm sorry - I'm just about done with being patient is all. By this time I expected MAF to be stealing playoff series, not giving them away. I wouldn't even care so much if he were just mediocre, but he has been BAD.

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