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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
** Russians have taken their game from the Soviet roots and off of Tarasenov's ideology of the game. Its not only about individual speed but also increasing puck moving speed. They were the first to create the cycle, the weave, the switching of positions and trying to play a 5 unit offensive and defensive game. Not just a LW, RW, C and 2 D. Its about speed, skating and skill.

The Soviets were the most dominating hockey team from the 60's until the 90's. Europeans took notice quickly on their style of the game especially since they were very close to Russia and many of them were adopted into its system (Czech, Slovakia etc).

So you will see the roots go back to North American style and European Style.

But it does go further...
Look at the stats within each European league. Is it just coincidence that Russian goalies have an avg of higher GAA and Swedish have lower. I think it has to do with the ideology that Russians believe in more confusing team play and a lot of shots and more offense and puck control. Swedes, Finnish and that Nordic style believe in more defensive positioning and organization and then Counter Attack.
Well, to be fair, the soviets first stole their hockey from the czechs that mainly had learned it through canadian Mike Buckna. I believe the czechs allready had the finesse that europeans even today are known for, probably becouse of low knowledge of the game in the early 20th century, like some kind of plaything. Although the soviets probably put some of their "Bandy" in there as well of course.

The reason that GAA is low in sweden is partly becouse they dont know how to attack, and when finally in the zone cant put the puck in the net.

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