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Originally Posted by Sypher04 View Post
Well, in fairness, I said the bolded part myself.

Reimer hasn't proven to be anything more than a backup quality NHLer thus far (Bernier the same). The only reason he gets starter time is because our goaltending situation has been so poorly managed.

Here's my point. You say they had comparable junior careers statistically. They did, but there is a reason Bernier was more highly regarded than Reimer, and it's not just because of his stint with WJCs (certainly didn't hurt). Since that time, both of them have performed well. Bernier with a lot more AHL experience, and Reimer with a bit more NHL. To this point, if their stats are similar, are we just to assume that everything that made Bernier a top pick beyond those comparable stats disappeared?
Well I don't see why anything either of them did in junior when they're now 24 should have any impact on how good they are seen as being now. TBH I don't know why they're draft spots were so far apart.... I don't remember the draft year well enough but Reimer's stats are actually better and he was on some brutal teams too.

I mean I'm not looking at Reimer and saying "he carried his junior team so he has more value now". I look at him and say he carried the Leafs 2 years ago in limited action and struggled last year after a concussion in limited action.

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