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12-04-2012, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Montecristo View Post
Im just playing the percentages. If nick swisher is available to sign for a 2nd round pick and Ben cherington wants swisher, he shouldn't shy away from signing swisher on the very off chance the second round selection turns into a superior player. The MLB draft is a crapshoot anyway and id wager that the most likely scenario for a 2nd rounder is a career that doesn't amount to what any FA with a qualifying offer has had and will have in the future. I'm not saying its without risk, on the off chance you land an all star with the 2nd rounder, but the risk is so minimal I would not even weigh the decision out if I'm bringing in a ML player who can help you win immediately.
And I don't think he would. Further, I don't think anyone in this thread thinks he would.

It's just that if the Sox are assigning a value to each player in terms of what they're worth in dollars, clearly a factor should be whether said player requires a draft pick. It's likely the effect of losing a pick is minimal, but who knows how minimal and surely that varies based on team, positional need, PR benefit, etc. I wouldn't say it's of no import, as you seem to suggest though.

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