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12-04-2012, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by gg4167 View Post
Well, this is at least something tangible to grasp onto, but who knows if it will amount to anything.

As great as this Bruins team has been as of late, it I almost feel a little sheepish admitting to people that I am a fan of the team because of JJ's role in the negotiations. During the NFL lockout, it was a source of pride to have an owner in Kraft who was able to bring the players and owners closer together. But now we have JJ, after the misery he put this fan base through for years (recent success not withstanding), leading the charge towards another lost season. It really is embarrassing and maddening at the same time. In my opinion, he has already managed to build himself back up into being one of the most vilified figures in Boston sports, even after the team's recent championship.
Would rather it be a massive player victory like in 1994 which resulted in a decade of suck from the Bruins?

Man, I miss those days.

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