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12-04-2012, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Darth Yoda View Post
Why is it a stretch to put Fedorov 96 over Lafleur 77? It was'nt like Lafleur was Fedorov defensively. But let's call it a tie, and Lafleur of course had a pretty good peak overall.

One thing i'm thinking is this thing with Fedorovs four year playoff streak. I'm definetely not saying it was'nt great, but of course it had much to do with timing. Also, in the latter three years there, it was'nt like he was piling up points Gilmour-style. Of course there is a difference in era there, but still. Somebody also was talking about him being forst in playoff points from 91 to 03. Yeah, but 13th in PPG. Certainly something that also has to do with timing. Or more precisely, team.
Lafleur wasn't a juggernaut defensively and he wasn't used that way (why would Bowman use him that way when he had Gainey) but he was extremely responsible in that dept. I would have no problem saying that he was better in that department than Jagr or Crosby was/is.
He always had his man and back checked hard. He wasn't a floater at all. Believe it or not, he hated clear breakaways and avoided them like the plague. Said that they gave him too much time to think and he was at his best when he just played on instinct.
He's one of the few offensive superstars from the 70's and 80's that if pulled in 2012 wouldn't have much of a learning curve in today's defensively themed NHL.

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