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12-04-2012, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by GirgsAndGrigs View Post
And since then....silence. Lunch was on Friday, and I've heard a whole bunch of nothing. However, a bit more disturbing to my bosses boss, CTO and VP of longer controls my salary. Instead it is controlled by a HR person who has been with the company less than 3 months with zero (as far as I know) tech background. On top of this whole fiasco, after much saying 'Oh don't worry the 401K program is coming!' they announced it last week, 401k is indeed coming. However, the company will not be providing any matching. Zero%. Aka the only benefit of investing in your 401k is tax free saving.

Maybe I'm complaining a bit too much. There are still alot of perks about this job and I love working here. However, recent developments really have put a hamper on my long term enthusiasm and career goals here. I'm reasonably sure that with a bit of resume tweaking and a certification or two, I could land a gig that has a 40-50% higher pay with a better benefits package (including better bonuses and reasonable % match 401k), so it appears, for now at least, I need to start looking at taking care of my long term options as it doesn't appear my current place is willing to commit to me long term. Anyways, any of you peeps in IT have some general advice about navigating the waters? The only people I could go to higher about this is the owners of the company, and while I know them, I certainly don't feel comfortable going to their office and requesting a meeting about it. Anyways, long rant over.
I'd give it a couple more weeks and then ask the CTO about it again. If your initial lunch with the guy was on Friday, he's really only had a day and half or so to even do anything about it, and he probably hasn't yet. I'd probably give it to the end of next week and then just bring it up casually with him if you haven't heard back. Going to the owners (even if you know them) puts you in a bad spot if your boss or the CTO find out about it and they don't like it.

If you decide you want out for sure at some point, I'd say just narrow down what path you want to go down and focus on that. Tailor your resume to that specific path and get any certifications in that area up to date. Take a look at what's available in the area to make sure it's a path that won't be a waste of time, too. Being near/in Chicago I assume you could focus on pretty much anything, though.

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