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12-04-2012, 11:43 AM
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The large budget variance seen in the Transfers category is due to the Arena Management payment continuing to be held in escrow as negotiations for the sale of the Coyotes finalize.
Originally Posted by barneyg View Post
So the $20M payment still in escrow is the reason why it's not an expense yet.
interesting. leaving their $20M just sitting there unclaimed.

and it's tied up in the purchase negotiations? even more interesting.

i wonder what the NHL is thinking. a) bettman has been too busy to saunter over to the ATM to make a withdrawl? b) when the team leaves, bettman will generously forfeit the money back to glendale? c) the bankers are still picking themselves up off the floor laughing at joyce's "stop payment" and havent gotten around to sending the NHL its money?

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