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12-04-2012, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by saskriders View Post
So what, it is still elites that got lucky either through birth or meeting someone who is almost impossible to meet if you aren't elite.

I'm not going to give them extra attention because they got extremely lucky.

Society would be better off if we focused on helping the people who are born unlucky. Over a billion people live in absolute poverty (an estimated 18% of the worlds population) just because they got unlucky with where they were born.
I certainly agree that we should focus on helping people born into poverty.

However, you need to consider that we live in one of the top eleven states in the world (based on GDP per capita). You and I both live well above the poverty line. Are we not the lucky elites of the world? What are you or I doing to adjust for these problems? Sitting on the internet is in and of itself a luxury that a huge number of people can't afford. You've gone to the movies how many times in the past month? Couldn't you have instead donated that money to causes that are trying to adjust for socioeconomic inequalities?

Even in your own statement, you criticize the monarchy for being 'elite' in the sense that you're only likely to meet them if you were also born as an elite. Well, could you not say the same thing about any of us compared to many people from developing nations? They have next to no chance of meeting you or I unless we deliberately choose to go vacation there and happen to meet them.

Even if we don't want to give them 'extra' attention, why do we have to resort to 'who cares'? If we want to treat them no better than anyone else, shouldn't we say 'congratulations,' as we would any other couple announcing their pregnancy?

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