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12-04-2012, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by TLinden16 View Post
One more week till playoffs for me. I'm tied for 3rd, but due to tiebreaker for I am in 5th. I'm facing 1st and NEED this win and I NEED points, if 3rd/4th win it's going to come down to points for. I'm looking like I have a good chance.

QB (pick 1) - Luck vs TEN or Newton vs ATL
RB (pick 2) - Lynch vs ARI, Morris vs BAL, Bryce Brown @ TB
WR (pick 3) - Green vs Dallas, Shorts vs NYJ, Garcon vs BAL, Jennings vs DET, Moore vs NYG, Harvin vs CHI

DEF - Seattle vs ARI or Denver vs Oakland

I'm thinking of running Luck, Lynch, Brown, Green, Shorts, and Garcon/Moore. Seattle on D.

RB is really tough...all are good options. Definitely Lynch. I'd lean Brown because I think he's more likely to get TDs since RG3 might take away goal line carries from Morris.
WR is obviously Green. Check on Shorts health, I think he got hurt towards the end of last game. I like Moore more than Garcon. Jennings and Harvin are too risky with their injury.

Defense is obviously Seattle. Any team playing Arizona is a good D matchup.

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