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Originally Posted by BraveCanadian View Post
So, in other words, Lidstrom would get penalized for his team, again. How many times is that now?

Secondly, if he was a smaller contribution to his team's strong PP, why are his points being divided by a powerplay strength he supposedly wasn't as responsible for?
Yeah, I know Lidstrom gets penalized again, which is why I didn't make that calculation.

On your second point:

A player can be less responsible for the strength of the specials teams, but can still benefit statistically from it.

Player A scores 100 points on the PP. His team gets 200. That is 50%.
Player B scores 75 points on the PP. His team gets 125. That is 60%.

Player A had a smaller contribution to his teams powerplay, but got more absolute PP points anyways. Player A is less responsible for the "strength" of his team's powerplay than player B. This is of course making the assumption that the contribution can be linearly followed, even though diminishing gains definitely exists.

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