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12-04-2012, 12:08 PM
Son of Steinbrenner
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I don't think you can negotiate an agreement on anything with 26 to 30 people in a room. You have way to many people in the room. I'm on the Players side in this mess but it's wrong to show up with that many people. You won't accomplish anything. The time for showing unity in these meetings has is over.

I'll say this though. I've posted on these boards for almost 10 years and I've never ever claimed to be some insider. I do however have a friend that knows Steve Burton very well. I asked my friend this morning how confident he is in Burton's report and he told me that Burton is 1000% confident and my friend went a step further. He said that a meeting took place yesterday in Boston and part of the PR spin with a future agreement is to make it look like significant progress towards a deal is struck in the meeting today between the players and owners. It saves face for the league and the players. The reasoning being people like to see compromise and both sides see today's meeting as something that puts a positive spin on the lockout. Two sides coming together for the good of the league. Sounds plausible but is it fantasy? I don't know...It probably is..

I obviously have no details but I trust my friend. Now, could my friend be wrong or could Burton be led on? Absolutely. Again, I've never claimed to be an insider, I've never posted something as an insider...I'm not...So take it with a grain of salt...I'm skeptical that it's all true but I'm hopeful. I'm taking it with a few grains of salt!

Now I'll go back to my posting sabbatical...Happy Holidays to everyone!

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