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Originally Posted by BraveCanadian View Post
So, in other words, Lidstrom would get penalized for his team, again. How many times is that now?
Actually all it means is what he said, that Potvin was more directly responsible for his teams PP success than Lidstrom was for his.
Which, for me, certainly matches the eye test.

Secondly, if he was a smaller contribution to his team's strong PP, why are his points being divided by a powerplay strength he supposedly wasn't as responsible for?
I think you have a point here and this happens far too often when someone tries to make "simple" mathematical equations to explain things.
There's too much info missing IMO which makes such an equation extremely subjective.
It's like using Adjusted Stats at face value as an answer when it doesn't even include Era Tier scoring rate changes, Era PP rate changes or Era rule changes just to name a few.

It's usually better in cases like this when you just present the data and let people figure it out themselves.
You can't get players down to "one number" any where close to the level you can in Baseball. Hockey simply just doesn't have any where close to the same mass amount of data available needed to make such equations accurate enough to be considered creditable.

Like in Hockey, one could find stats on Faceoff wins, Faceoff wins by zone and on special teams but in baseball you would also have stats on whether said player was facing a left handed or right handed player, which linesman or referee was dropping the puck, how many Faceoffs he won cleanly, a % of which direction he won it in, what period it was in, the time of day and what # of shift he was one vs what shift the opposing player was on and may even include said players time of arrival at the rink that day lol

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