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12-04-2012, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by CoopALoop View Post

This is why the quality of COD maps are diminishing.

People saying that all the small, tight alley, rush maps are the ones who have literally pushed this game straight into a sprint only/smg/ drool fest.

It's these type of players that are taking away this games ability to allow the devs to create the larger, more open ended maps. Instead, the majority of the fan base are knuckle draggers and only want to spring in circles hoping for kills. So the dev's hands are pretty much tied in regards to map design.
And on the exact opposite side of the spectrum, the larger, more open ended maps lead to everyone simply finding a sniping spot and waiting for someone to walk by.

That's why I like places like Drone, Raid and Express. They've got a nice balance of sniping and run-and-gun, IMO. In Raid, for example, the two sides of the map (the statue area and the pool area) are clear sniping spots, but they can be avoided if you don't feel like trying to dodge sniper fire. And the rest of the map is a nice combination of close-quarter and mid-range combat

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